Your Sign's Ideal Birthday Cake

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Fire-loving Aries are determined. This red velvet cheesecake is bold.

Aries: Red Velvet Cheesecake

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Tauruses love luxury and tradition. Taurus qualities combine to make this chocolate-mint birthday cake exquisite and crowd-pleasing.

Taurus: Chocolate-Mint Torte

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Geminis are dualists. This two-toned, two-flavored cake shows your Gemini sides. Geminis are generous, so this huge, elegant cake is excellent for sharing.

Gemini: Layered Marble Cake

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Cancers love homey stuff. Cancers love heritage recipes. Why not make pineapple upside down cake for their birthday?

Cancer: Pineapple upside-down cake

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Leos adore being the center of attention—especially on their birthdays. Leos will love this show-stopping dessert.

Leo: Buttercream Confetti Cake


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Yeah, we’re talking about Virgos! This detail-oriented sign likes order, organization, and little hassle. This elegant, unadorned cake can satisfy their picky palate.

Virgo: Rich Chocolate Crepe Cake

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Libras seek balance, like their scale constellation. Libras love tart-sweet cakes. This cake's gorgeous finish also suits their refined taste!

Libra: Lemon-Berry Shortcake

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Scorpios are passionate, seductive, and dark! Enjoy a decadent chocolate cake with ganache.

Scorpio: Chocolate Ganache Cake

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Sagittarians adore travel. Make a dessert inspired by travel. More international delicacies are available, like this Mexican tres leches cake.

Sagittarius: Triple Leches Cake

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Capricorns are practical, resourceful, and know how to make lemonade—or in this case, a show-stopping dessert—from a cake mix. 

Capricorn: Pina Colada Bundt Cake

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Aquarians are unconventional and free-spirited. Celebrate with a unique birthday cake! Aquarius loves confetti waffles.

Aquarius: Birthday Cake Waffles

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Pisces have creative imaginations. This unicorn dessert will inspire you.

Pisces: Unicorn Cake