Your Favorite Bagel Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Egg

Aries, you are bright and vibrant. We also described an egg bagel using same phrases. Its gorgeous yellow color matches yours.

Taurus: Cinnamon Raisin

Several bizarre bagels exist (looking at you, sriracha and kalamata olive). Yet, the iconic cinnamon raisin bagel is your go-to for reliability. Sounds familiar.

Gemini: Everything

Everything bagel. Like you, everything bagel seasoning has unlimited uses. Ree Drummond's everything chicken shows that.


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Cancer: Chocolate Chip

Cancer, your family turns to you for support. Chocolate chip cookies are like you. What's breakfast-friendly yet tastes like those? Chocolate chip bagel.

Leo: Sesame

The hostess with the mostess is you. Leo, like you, sesame bagels embrace all spreads. Use butter, jam, avocado, or a premium cream cheese.

Virgo: Plain

Slow-cooked pork from The Gouda Life is smokey and rich thanks to a chipotle powder and coffee spice.

Libra: Multigrain

Libra, life—and food—is about balance. You choose the multigrain bagel for breakfast. You get more fiber and protein than a white flour one and fulfill your carb appetite.

Scorpio: Salt

Scorp, you're ahead. You're soft when you open up. The salt bagel's crusty, salty outside and fluffy interior are relatable.

Sagittarius: Blueberry

Sag, a delicious bagel befits your kindness. It's the beloved blueberry. According to our experts, the greatest bagel businesses in America make the best ones.

Capricorn: Asiago Cheese

Cap, you're savvy. You know that Asiago-cheesed bagels are the best. We see why everyone consults you.

Aquarius: Rainbow

You, Aquarius, or the rainbow bagel? You're unique. Our rainbow recipes reflect your bright personality.

Pisces: Toast

Pisces, only you could make a French toast bagel. It's two of the finest breakfast items in one sinfully sweet delight. This recipe lets you make your own.