Why Gemini Is So Hard To Date?

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Gemini will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. This raises the worrying possibility that they may resort to manipulation in order to get what they desire.

They can be manipulative.

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One week they may want to go to the beach and the next run for president of a foreign country. You can't foresee the Gemini's activities, so just go with it.

Due to their inconsistency.

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The people of Gemini have thick skins, but it doesn't imply they behave cold and distant with everyone. Good luck getting through to them till they discover their soul mate.

Gemini is hard to get through to.

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This connection won't be mushy, sorry. If a Gemini thinks you're invading their space, they'll tell you.

They love to be alone.

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Anything they say goes. The Twins rely on no one but themselves to get things done, making Gemini one of the most self-reliant zodiac signs.

Gemini is a control freak

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A Gemini may not be the best choice if you need someone who can maintain a neutral expression no matter how corny the situation.

They don't take life seriously.


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