Want to Lose Weight? DON'T EAT These Foods

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Refined wheat makes white bread and pasta. Most vitamins and minerals are eliminated, reducing nutritional value. White bread and pasta raise blood sugar, which can lead to weight gain and obesity. Whole-grain alternatives are ideal. Whole-grain bread and pasta include more vitamins, minerals, and fiber to satisfy hunger.

1. White Bread and Pasta

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Sweetened drinks contain calories and sugar, which can cause weight gain. Soda, energy drinks, juices, and sports drinks are heavy in calories and sugar. Drink water when thirsty. Calorie-free water can satisfy hunger. Add fresh fruit or herbs for taste. Avoid sugary drinks to reduce weight.

2. Sugary Drinks

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Pizza, a favorite comfort dish, is rich in calories. Avoid pizza unless it's homemade and healthy. Sorry, but it's the best way to lose weight. Medium pepperoni pizza has about 300 calories and 10 grams of fat. That's a lot for a slice—let alone a pizza! Homemade pizza with low-fat cheese, lean meats, and whole-grain dough is healthier. So, you can eat nutritious pizza.

3. Pizza


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Coffee fan? Frappuccinos and mochas are high-calorie coffee drinks. Starbucks' large caramel Frappuccino has 450 calories—almost a dinner! Black coffee is healthier. It's sugar-free and energizing. For flavor, add a little skim milk, but watch out—it adds up fast!

4. High-Calorie Coffee Drinks

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French fries and potato chips are fat, salt, and calorie-laden. Frequent drinking might induce weight gain and health issues like high blood pressure. If you want a healthier alternative to fries or chips, try oven-baked sweet potato chips or roasted vegetables. 

5. French Fries and Potato Chips