The Most Understanding Zodiac Sign

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Analytical Aquarius is a very intelligent sign. They take great pride in their capacity to analyze problems and come up with logical answers in any circumstance." They are renowned for their independence and capacity for original thought, which broadens their awareness of the world and the people who inhabit it.

6 Aquarius

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Confident Leos. Nonetheless, they are kind and understanding. Fire indications are protective and compassionate." Leo is empathetic and willing to listen to friends and family.

5 Leo

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Sagittarians have mature wisdom. Loftis calls them life-experienced sages. So, they're always able to help. Jupiter rules these fire signs, and Sag embraces its plenty and drive. They speak honestly and are confident. They're friendly and direct.

4 Sagittarius

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Cancers are emotionally intelligent and can sympathize with anyone. They appear tough yet are nice inside. Clare says Cancers comprehend what others need and have emotional swings. Their sensitivity and strong need to nurture equip them to comfort others. These water signs will make anyone feel at ease.

3 Cancer


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Libras are sensitive and justice-minded. One of the most understanding indicators, they crave harmony. Air signs communicate well and want peace. Libras are mediators. They'll easily see all sides of an argument and grasp other viewpoints.

2 Libra

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Pisces will absorb and internalize your feelings. They are compassionate and understanding. This water sign is good at understanding and solving emotional problems. They want to help and show affection and appreciation.

1 Pisces