The Most Positive Zodiac Sign

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Libras are known as people-pleasers. Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrological blog Usually Topical, prefers "peacemakers."

6 Libra

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Mysticsense astrologer Rachel Clare says Libras "have a way of making everyone feel special and appreciated" because they seek harmony and balance. "They're funny and can always lighten the mood with a well-timed joke or smart comment."

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Aquarius, the free-thinking sign, may turn a negative into a positive. "Uranus, the water bearer's ruler, is responsible for heightened intelligence and out-of-the-box answers," says Futurio app astrologer Marita Andreeva. "Therefore for an Aquarius, a disaster is an opportunity to wander off the beaten road instead than wailing about their unjust life."

5 Aquarius

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Geminis are known as social butterflies, and Kirsten says their capacity to adapt is one of their best qualities. She thinks Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, makes them quick thinkers and flexible planners.

4 Gemini

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Jupiter—"expansion, abundance, and good luck"—rules Sagittarius. Clare says this cheerful and adventurous approach means "they have a natural curiosity and thirst for information" and adore experiencing new places and cultures.

3 Sagittarius


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You might be wondering how the sign known for their bad temper made it so high on this list. But as Andreeva explains, when hit with a negative moment, they're quick to bounce back and put a smile on their face.

2 Aries

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The sun sign is the most optimistic. Clare says Leo's confidence and charisma come from the Sun's vibrancy, warmth, and life-giving energy. "They radiate positivity and enthusiasm."

1 Leo