The Most Clever Zodiac Sign

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Scorpios' quietness and coldness make them more perceptive. They're not book-smart, but they solve problems with their distinctive thinking. Ryan Marquardt, proprietor of Ryan's Astrology, says Scorpios are detectives: Water indications are frequently three steps ahead of others.


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Sagittarius love trying new things. Their knowledge originates from where? Nuit Astrology founder Jill Loftis says, "They are obviously big-picture folks, [and] they have a reservoir of wisdom they draw from to come up with innovative answers." Fire signs, the zodiac's philosophers, are insatiably curious and smart.

5 Sagittarius

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Aquarius, the oddest sign, thinks differently. Their unusual behavior may mask their cleverness, yet they're usually ahead of the pack. Air signs are quick-thinking and may outwit others.

4 Aquarius

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Brainy Virgos examine everything. They're unequaled at problem-solving, so you need them." Virgo eyesight is fantastic for problem-solving and innovative solutions. Mercury, the planet of cognition, rules these earth signs, revealing their intelligence swiftly. Virgos are smart and organized, so they'll show up and do what they say.

3 Virgo

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Aries are speedy and smart. They're smarter because they're independent and confident. They're Marquardt's most primal sign. " Aries invented instinct and had beginner's luck, so if they follow their instincts without second guessing, they'll typically succeed.

2 Aries


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Geminis are the smartest zodiac sign since they learn quickly and easily. This air sign is continually learning and has a big mental toolbox. Gemini's mental agility and ability to see multiple outcomes offer them an edge in recalling that movie scene, coming up with a smart comeback, or fixing anything.

1 Gemini