The 2023 Astrological Nail Color

Aries: Butter Yellow

Venus enters your Gemini 3rd house on April 11. Shawty says this home rules nails and hands. She advises choosing light yellow nail paint to enhance your mood and stay focused.

Taurus: Silver

Silver nail polish is not only for water signs this year. Shawty believes Tauruses will like painting their nails with the glittering colour to express their elegance, grace, and refinement.

Gemini: Gold

You can paint your nails gold before Venus transits your 3rd house in Leo on June 5. Shawty thinks this hue may boost confidence and glamour. Betina Goldstein even recommended shiny gold for winter 2023 nails.

Cancer: Beige

When Venus transits your 3rd house in Virgo on Oct. 9, Shawty believes this minimalist nail polish hue will help you feel "more organized and put together" this year.

Leo: Bubblegum Pink

Shawty suggests using bubblegum pink nail paint to attract more love, peace, balance, and harmony this year. It resembles rose quartz nails.

Virgo: Burgundy

Virgos feel strength, hotness, and control all year, especially when Venus enters your 3rd house in Scorpio on Dec. 4, Shawty explains.


Burst with Arrow

Libra: Purple

“Feel more insightful and open-minded” with royal purple nail paint, adds Shawty. She says that this royal color may boost spirituality.

Scorpio: Red-hot

Shawty suggests wearing fiery hot red nail paint on February 20 when Venus transits your 6th house, which may also be related with nails, in Aries. “This color may inspire, motivate, brave, and courageous.”

Sagittarius: Blue

A bright blue nail polish might increase your self-esteem. Shawty says this hue can boost courage to express yourself and embrace your uniqueness. 

Capricorn: Blue

Feeling tense and reserved? Shawty predicts pastel baby blue will relax you on stressful days this year, Cap.

Aquarius: Red

Shawty thinks this classic nail polish hue brings energy, discipline, and willpower, just like for Scorpios.

Pisces: Emerald

 “This color may help you feel grounded, refreshed, and lucky.” “Emerald-colored nails will cultivate blessings and financial prosperity, but remember to save,” Amber says.