Signs That You’re Falling in Love

Seriously. During the day, you think about them. Your dreams are plagued by them at night. You can't seem to get them out of your mind.

You can’t stop thinking about the person.

A relationship's development may be both enjoyable and challenging. If you keep this up, you'll soon know this other person nearly as well as you know yourself. 

You know them better than anyone else.

You daydream about what the two of you might become in the future, and that's on top of the continual thinking you do about them right now.

You often think about a future with the person.

It's possible that your feelings for this individual transcend beyond simple infatuation if you find yourself prioritizing spending time with them and sharing happy occasions.

You prioritize spending time with them.

Consider this a major one. You feel like you can speak to them about anything, you feel free to be yourself with them, and they don't put you in any awkward circumstances.

You feel safe.

ou can't stop touching each other, whether it's holding hands, stealing kisses at the grocery store, or forgoing a night out in favor of a Netflix and Chill.

You show more love and affection.

The nicest part of falling in love is moments like this. You can't stop grinning, you could be nicer to other people, and you just feel better. Maybe you'll even begin to alter your wardrobe.

You feel actually on top of the world.


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