Shocking Things That Hurt Your Heart

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Gum disease increases the risk of heart disease. Some scientists believe gum bacteria may enter the circulation, causing blood vessel inflammation and other cardiac issues.

Dental problems

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Researchers believe shift work affects the heart by disrupting the circadian rhythm, or "internal clock." If you don't work conventional day hours, take additional precautions to minimize your heart disease risk

Change Work

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It may explain why one hour in traffic increases the risk of a heart attack. Heart disease is also connected to high noise levels like those on freeways. 


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Apnea may be your problem. If your airway is partly closed, it might induce breathing pauses. The disease may cause strokes, heart failure, excessive blood pressure, and irregular heartbeats. 


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A good match keeps your heart healthy and joyful. Older persons are less likely to develop heart disease. The probable reason? Stress.

A Troubled Marriage

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Lonely people may develop heart disease. If you don't have relatives or friends nearby, assist someone in need or adopt a pet. 


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Weight around your stomach is extremely hazardous to your heart. It may cause your body to produce hormones and other compounds that increase blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood vessel damage.

Fat Belly


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