Pets that live the Longest aren't Dogs or Cats

Lizards live long and are fascinating pets. Leopard geckos and green iguanas may live beyond 20 years. When fed well and protected from predators, lizards live longer in captivity than in the wild. 


If given enough room, the common goldfish may survive 10 to 14 years in an outdoor pond that mimics its native habitat. After two or three years, a bowl or small aquarium goldfish will die.

Common goldfish

The breed's oldest known member survived to 21. Two Pomeranians escaped the Titanic's 1912 sinking because they were tiny enough to fit in lifeboats.


Due to their resilience and tiny size, Middle Ages mariners used fluffy white Bichon Frises as barter. "Bichon" derives from the French term for pampering, and they were popular among French aristocrats during the Renaissance.

Bichon frise

The Himalayas spawned Lhasa Apsos. They can breathe at high elevations because to their strength, heat conservation, and huge lungs. Lhasa Apso's oldest known death was 29.

Lhasa Apso

Snakes may have lengthy lives as pets, particularly corn snakes, ball pythons, Burmese pythons, and king snakes. Snakes may survive weeks without food by slowing their metabolism. The oldest known snake was a 48-year-old ball python.


Semi-arid Australian cockatiels are sociable and extroverted. They prefer to whistle at others, their toys, or themselves. The longest-lived cockatiel was 29. 



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