North West addressed Katy Perry's career question well.

North West is teaching her Hollywood friends how to handle "nepo kids" after a year of controversy. The eldest of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's four children is North. At 9, Northie is already an icon.

North's many interests, from directing TikTok videos to dabbling in painting and design, have led admirers to wonder whether she would follow in her father's artistic footsteps or her mother's commercial path.

Katy picked the enthusiastic 9-year-old from the throng and challenged her to a "walk-off competition" in a lovely video Kim posted to her Instagram story. “North West?” Katy shouted, drawing cheers. I've watched all your TikToks! Not her? Is she?

Katy remarked, “I know your name, but what's your name?” as North took the stage. “Uh, North,” she hesitantly said. Katy told the audience, “You're a very amazing dancer and I thought, what better way to be a great dancer [than] to show the world your wonderful dancing moves?”

North agreed if her friends could join, which Katy did. Katy then asked North, “What do you want to be?” North nonchalantly answered, “Uh, everything.” Katy went away in awe at North's mic-drop reaction.

The video of North and Katy's beautiful encounter went viral, and many praised North's amazing response, adding that she seemed to have inherited her dad's confidence.


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