NFL world reacts to insane Joe Burrow news

Any NFL fan will tell you that Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals has swiftly become one of the league's best quarterbacks over the last two seasons, but a new statistic shows exactly how dominating he's been.

In addition to being one of the greatest and most accurate quarterbacks in the NFL right now, Joe Burrow has held both titles since at least 1999, as noted by Jarrett Bailey of USA Today Sports.

As Bailey pointed out in a tweet late on Monday night, "since 1999, no quarterback has a greater career completion percentage than Joe Burrow at 70.2% (min. 750 plays)," according to RBSDM Stats.

A lot of people in the NFL community reacted crazily to this news on Twitter, with one observer noting that, with a better offensive line, Burrow may be even more dominating for the Bengals.

It will be fascinating to watch Burrow as he attempts to build upon the tremendous success he has already had in his career. He will surely want to help the Bengals win their first Super Bowl. He's already well on his way there, since the team made it to the Super Bowl in only his second season with them.


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