How Fearless You Are, Based On Your Birth Order

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Responsible but fearless. As long as experienced professionals are skydiving and bungee jumping with you, you're game. If you're in the middle of nowhere and don't know if it's safe, you're less inclined to jump off cliffs or swim in risky seas. You're courageous enough to try outrageous things, but wise enough to only do them when you know they'll work out.

One Child

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You're usually the group's parent, discouraging reckless behavior. You normally clean up their messes and assist them avoid trouble when they disregard you. You don't like daring adventures. You're smart and don't tempt fate. You choose safe ground. Your body and mind are too important to harm needlessly.

Oldest Child

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Rebellious, you don't fear much. Dangerous activities frequently excite you. If someone encouraged you to zipline, axe throw, leap out of airplanes, and swim with sharks, you would go. You'd try anything new because you want to experience life. You want to finish your bucket list. Why not? It's fun!

Middle Child

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You admit your fears. You realize that turning down dangerous opportunities or expressing your deepest feelings is not weak. No one will shame you for refusing peer pressure. After all, saying no while everyone else is saying yes seems braver. Being different takes courage. Whatever you decide, you're proud of yourself.

Youngest Child

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You're fearless with others. You can do anything with your lover or trusted friends. They strengthen you. You're braver than most people think—maybe because you don't want to disappoint them or because they boost your confidence. You always surprise and disprove. Even wronging oneself. Even though you're scared, you'll try something new.