High IQ: meet the brightest celebrities in the world

Jodie Foster

The celebrity has a 132 IQ. She can read and write at the age of three and is fluent in more than four languages. In addition, in 1997, Yale University awarded the actress an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts (United States).

Vladimir Putin

The current Russian leader has an intelligence level of 127. He's not exactly a fan favorite, but no one can dispute his savviness.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady possesses above-average intellect in addition to being one of the greatest American football players of all time. An IQ of 135, to be exact.


It's hardly shocking that the legendary musician did well academically in the past. There is a 140 on the intelligence scale for her.

Steve Martin

The actor who won an award is also good at magic and comedy. Maybe it is related to his IQ of 142.

Sharon Stone

The American actress has a high IQ of 154, making her one of many brilliant actresses in the industry.


A 140-point genius, the Colombian vocalist is a genius. In addition to her native tongue, she is also proficient in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French.

Rowan Atkinson

The legendary Mr. Bean's IQ is 178. He's so smart it's scary.

Oprah Winfrey

The legendary host has an intelligence level of 136. Among the many honorary doctorates she has are those from Duke (2009) and Harvard (2010). (2013).


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