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Here's how long you have to walk each day to lose weight

Bryant adds that walking burns roughly 100 calories per thousand steps, but it's hard to predict weight loss due to the many factors.

How much weight can you lose by walking?

"The amount of weight one may anticipate to lose (is) usually going to be a consequence of how frequently you do it in terms of days per week, as well as the duration and intensity of your walking," he says.

"The average 40-year-old woman who's 5 '4" and 165 pounds may lose five pounds in two months if she went from inactive to walking for an hour five times a week," says NYC-based registered dietician Samantha Cassetty.

Cassetty thinks terrible diets can't be outrun. "She would have to adopt some healthy food changes, resulting in a minor calorie deficit (about 100 calories a day)." "Maintaining this training routine and the proper eating habits can help keep those five pounds off," Cassetty says.

Moore thinks the average healthy adult will feel better by moving more and eating better. "Diet and exercise may or may not help you lose weight. Genetics, metabolism, age, physical exercise, stress, and sleep might affect weight loss."

Start walking—just pick a route and go! Bryant advocates comfy shoes, but no flashy gear. Start by walking three miles per hour, or one mile in twenty minutes.

How can you start a walking routine?

Bryant suggests competing with 10,000 steps, which burns 1,000 calories. Even if you can't reach 10,000 steps, recent research revealed that logging 8,000 steps a few days a week cut mortality risk.