Every Occasion's Best Nonalcoholic Wine

Best White

Most testers considered the whites excessively sweet or watery. The group preferred Noughty's South African-grown 98% chardonnay and 2% chenin blanc nonalcoholic white.

Best Red

Noughty's nonalcoholic syrah has 14 calories per glass, 2.5 grams of sugar per 100 ml, and 0.5% ABV. It tastes like red wine. It reminded one tester of wine and went well with meat. 

Best for Recreating Wine

Bodkins suggests doubters start with a sparkling: “The carbon dioxide often brings the nose back to the top.” The sparkling verdejo, with only sugar, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide, tasted most like wine.

Talk Starter

Two testers appreciated the effervescence of Pierre Chavin's chardonnay, which tasted like caramel or melon. Two sampled Miller High Life.


Burst with Arrow

Best Picnic

Grape juice concentrate, not sugar or other sweeteners, enhances Sovi's dealcoholized wines. They make park-friendly canned wines. One tester termed Sovi's sparkling can "perfectly pleasant."

Sober People

French Bloom's organic French bubbly contains chardonnay, grape juice, and tastes like lemon. It was dry and tasted like Granny Smith apple.

Best For Bachelor Watching With Friends

The Studio Null single garnacha, even after dealcoholization, fills the mouth like a crimson. Both wines are from Spanish vineyards and have 20 calories per glass.

Best Non-Wine

This is Boisson's best-selling blend of juices, teas, spices, and bitters. Lychee, peach, rose vinegar, pink peppercorn, and hops make Pastiche taste like Gewurztraminer.