Daily Habits That Helped Queen Elizabeth Live 96 Years

Queen Elizabeth had breakfast at 8:30 a.m. Breakfast-eaters may live longer owing to a decreased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Eating breakfast

Elizabeth was known for loving her pets, particularly her corgis. Pet ownership has been shown to decrease blood pressure, stress, health care expenditures, depression, obesity, cancer, and diabetes risk.

Having a pet

Riding horses is joy and exercise, which may have contributed to her keen intellect and wit. Regular exercise reduces aging-related cognitive deterioration.

Horseback riding

Daily tea consumption protects organs, prevents chronic ailments, and repairs cells. Black tea, like Earl Grey, offers many health advantages, but green tea is popular these days.

Daily tea

Although unhealthy, the Queen liked them. Nutritionists advise enjoying delicacies in moderation rather than banning them. 

Snacking—in little amounts

Humor improves happiness, stress, social connections, and lifespan. See how laughing affects your life!


Happy relationships provide health advantages beyond love. Stable couples are more likely to exercise, eat well, take holidays, and have better health, known as "the marriage benefit."

Loving relationship


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