Capricorn Season: Your Zodiac Sign's Performance

Aries Sign

Aries, hustle. Capricorn season tells you that momentary satisfaction is transient and long-term objectives need hard work. Reflect and relax. 


Taurus, Capricorn season makes you inquisitive and independent. Follow your gut. “Ground and be your loving, accepting self during Capricorn,” Michelena advises.

For Geminis

Mars and Mercury are destroying your million ideas and initiatives. This is the best opportunity to take a break, reflect, and examine your issues. 

Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo, don’t worry about Capricorn season. Preparing for the new year will help. Leo, don't be proud. "Pluto is coming in hot next year in your opposing sign Aquarius."

For Virgos

Capricorn season makes it harder to be creative, so enjoy your thoughts but don't shut off emotionally. Michelena says it's time to leave your comfort zone and explore the year ahead.


Burst with Arrow

Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra, simplify. Capricorn season encourages you to use your family to achieve your goals, such as finding a mentor or reparenting yourself.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio, Capricorn season is the culmination of your self-growth this year. Think intelligently, not emotionally. Michelena says you'll feel lighter and freer when Mars leaves retrograde. 

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius, Capricorn season is unsettling. You may not have the physical motivation to work extra to achieve your financial goals. Pause and plan.

For Capricorns

Happy birthday, Capricorn! As you change, you may struggle to reconcile your old practical habits with your new self or feel lost as you improve. 

Pisces People

Pisces, it's OK to confess when things have gone awry. Friends may assist you overcome problems. “This Capricorn season, allow yourself to voice your dreams and visions,” Michelena urges.

Aquarius People

Aquarius, your intuition is strong but sometimes in your head. Retrogrades cause severe cognitive fog. Avoid self-deception.