9 Weight-Gaining Breakfast Habits

"One breakfast habit that can lead to quick weight gain is skipping breakfast or not eating a balanced breakfast that's high in fiber and moderate in protein and carbs," 

Skipping breakfast

Consuming intricate coffee drinks or creamers and other additions into coffee without tracking can contribute to weight gain because the calories are not accounted for .

Caffeine overload

Eating out for breakfast can quickly add pounds, although the odd sausage-and-egg combo is fine. Restaurant meals with large servings, high calories, and high fat are unhealthy.

Breakfast out

A product's health claims don't guarantee it. Read labels before buying breakfast foods. Find something surprising.

Ignoring labels


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Mornings might be chaotic, but if you're eating cereal out of the box, it's time to set your alarm earlier. Cereal servings are hard to judge without a bowl. 

Cereal box eating

Driving distracts you enough to eat mindlessly. Keep your eyes on the road and eat breakfast where you can focus. Mindful eating has been shown to help lose weight.

In-car eating

Even nutrient-rich fruit juices don't fill you up. Most fruit juices also raise blood sugar. To get vitamins and minerals without calories, limit juice at breakfast.

Juice consumption

Don't ruin your calorie-burning efforts with a huge breakfast after a morning Pilates session or lengthy run. Instead of overeating after a hard workout, eat breakfast and a small snack.

Overeating post-workout

Coffee shops make sweet mornings easy and affordable. But that donut or pastry can easily add several hundred calories to your day, equaling several pounds per month .

Ordering pastries