6 Best Workout for 50+ Women

General Health Quick Walk

One of the finest workouts is walking. Walking after meals lowers blood sugar and improves insulin function, plus it's fun to do with a companion, a podcast, or nature.

Pool Exercises for Joint Pain

It's necessary to exercise even if it's uncomfortable. Joyner advises swimming. He thinks aqua classes improve strength and cardiovascular health. J

Brain-Boosting Biking

Outside activity boosts cognition. A PLOS ONE research of 100 persons 50 and older divided them into three groups: a cycling group, an e-bike group, and a control group that didn't ride.


Burst with Arrow

Muscle Maintenance Resistance Workout

Sarcopenia, old muscular weakness. This is the time to exercise to preserve muscle mass for long-term mobility and function.

Bone-Strengthening Weight-Bearing Exercises

According to the NIH, bone mass decreases beyond 30. Resistance training protects skeletal muscle and strains bones, activating bone-forming cells and helping postmenopausal women maintain bone mineral density.

Balance and Flexibility Yoga

Yoga doesn't need bending or touching your toes. A systematic review and meta-analysis of 22 randomized, controlled trials published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition.