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6 Best Drinks To Lose Belly Fat and Slow Aging

"Chlorophyll antioxidants eliminate and decrease pollutants and free radical damage," Best says. "This damage causes aging skin and other major health issues. Chlorophyll water naturally reduces inflammation, which can promote loose skin and wrinkles."

1. Chlorophyll water

If chlorophyll water isn't your thing, try kombucha to stop aging and lose weight. " Fermentation creates probiotics, helpful microorganisms that keep your gut's microbiome healthy. Healthy guts regulate weight and age."

2. Kombucha

One of the best fat-burning and anti-aging drinks has been right under your nose. "Water is your closest match." "Hydration supports metabolism and lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can help manage weight and prevent aging symptoms like cognitive decline and skin deterioration."

If you love to wake up with a mug of steaming black coffee, you might already have found one of the best drinks for reducing belly fat and keeping your skin looking timeless.

4. Black coffee

Even if they want to lose belly fat, many people can't conceive giving up their daily green tea for black coffee. Thankfully, green tea has similar benefits as black coffee. Dr. Hunnes says antioxidants in green tea prevent inflammation and keep you hydrated.

5. Green tea

Dr. Hunnes also ranks black tea alongside green tea as a great drink to burn belly fat and slow down aging. Unsurprisingly, this drink boasts antioxidants that help prevent inflammation, fight wrinkles, and even can help you lose weight.

6. Black tea


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