6 Astrologers Want You To Disbelieve

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Trends are short-lived and come and go. Astrology dates back 25,000 years.

Myth #1: Astrology Is A Fad

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Astrology and astronomy were interwoven, Mckean adds. In the 17th century, they were studied individually.

Myth #2: Astrology Is Astronomy

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"Naysayers, skeptics, and critics often dismiss astrology as illegitimate," Mckean argues. "But modern science hasn't defined a phenomenon doesn't mean it's not real."

Myth #3: Astrology Is Magical and Paranormal


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J.P. Morgan remarked, "Millionaires don't use astrology." Billionaires do. Mckean says his family become multi-billionaires.

Myth #4: Astrology Is Generalizations

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They're different, even if they seem similar. Astrology studies employ different zodiacs. Vedic astrology in India employs the Sidreal Zodiac instead of the Tropical Zodiac.

Myth #5: Astrological Constellations

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"This isn't exactly false, but it's not the system Western or Vedic Astrology uses," Mckean explains. "Constellation Zodiac matches zodiac signs to fixed stars.

Myth #6: Have Changed and There's a 13th.