6 Asian Beauty Rituals to Calm Skin, Scalp, and Mind

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Gua sha, which originated in China in the Stone Age, is based on the idea that wellbeing and beauty are linked—if you don't sleep, eat well, or manage your stress, your skin will suffer.

Gua Sha

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Champi, usually done before washing your hair or going to bed, reduces scalp and hair dryness, strengthens and shines hair, and increases scalp blood circulation.

Champi (Hair Oiling)

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East Asia still uses mugwort baths. Hot baths with mugwort, an anti-inflammatory, warming plant, soothe the skin and enhance circulation.

Mugwort Bath


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Indonesian herbalism is called jamu. India, China, and Arab nations inspire it. Jamu-based skin care uses Indonesian plants, spices, herbs, and roots to address skin concerns.


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Japanese geishas and Korean gisaengs employed double cleaning to remove their makeup in the 14th century. Their makeup was too thick for soap and elbow grease.

Cleansing twice

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Cupping is the ancient Chinese practice of drawing oxygen from tiny cups , placing them on the body, and letting the negative pressure flow blood to the region.