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4 Foods That Spike the Same Weight Loss Hormone as Ozempic

Avocados are healthy. Healthline experts say they offer anti-inflammatory qualities, healthy fats, fiber, and antioxidants, and may lower heart disease risk. Avocados, according to Rise Science medical reviewer Chester Wu, MD, emit GLP-1.

1 Avocados

 "Although certain meals may increase the release of GLP-1 and have a good effect on blood sugar levels, they may not be a substitute for drugs such as Ozempic for weight loss or diabetes control,"

Eggs, along with other high-protein foods, may replicate Ozempic's effects on the body because they're a great source of protein.

2 Eggs

Proteins and peptides (what you get from breaking down proteins) may enhance GLP-1 synthesis, according to certain research. "Codfish, eggs, and whey protein are examples. All proteins and building components could increase GLP-1 release."

There are eating patterns that can replicate Ozempic's effects. who claims protein helps lose weight. "Research suggest that a high-protein diet can enhance GLP-1 levels and help you feel fuller longer, thereby decreasing how much food you consume and helping you lose weight,"

3 Nuts

We probably keep olive oil close when cooking. It's good for sautéing, dipping, and drizzling and may boost GLP-1 synthesis. Olive oil and other monounsaturated fatty acids may boost GLP-1 and aid weight loss. "Olive-oil-rich meals or a Mediterranean diet may also raise GLP-1 levels," according to research.

4-Olive Oil


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