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3 Sweet Beverages You Can Drink All Day Without Gaining Weight

Kefir is a staple food in many cultures and a natural health trend. From Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia. "Keyif" means "pleasant sensation" in Turkish. Nice, huh?


Adding kefir grains to cow's or goat's milk creates this fermented drink. It sits for 24 hours. Kefir grains proliferate and ferment milk sugars to make kefir. After 24 hours, the grains are removed from the liquid and reused. Kefir grains start the drink. Now drink!

Kombucha can also replace soda. Black or green tea, bacteria, yeast, and sugar make it. The ingredients need time to work. Sugar, germs, and yeast are added to this tea. Sugar feeds bacteria and yeast, starting fermentation.


Tea becomes kombucha in a few days to a month. A carbonated, sweet-tart, delightful fermented beverage is the result. "Kombucha is a sweet, fermented tea beverage that may help you manage your weight due to its probiotics," Thompson says.

Coconuts contain semi-translucent coconut water. Coconut milk and water are different. Coconut milk is created by shredding the coconut's interior flesh, mixing it with hot water, and filtering it while the young coconut's water is liquid.

Coconut Water

Coconut water prevents and treats dehydration because it's 95% water. Coconut water is fairly sweet, but Krømcke recommends adding pineapple juice for taste.


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