12 Vegetables You Can Grow Again

Romaine lettuce

After producing nutritious greens, salad will taste better. Leaves will sprout from your unused root in soil on a windowsill with sunlight and water.


Let your onion dry for two days after slicing the bottom off. Make a depression in a soil pot to hold the onion end. Before cutting them for salsa, harvest the onions.


Caprese fans: To replant this herb, pull the leaves off 3/4 of the stem and put it in a glass of water. Change the water every few days to see roots grow.


For three days, immerse the root of this essential vegetable to sprout new stalks. Once leaves sprout in the middle, plant it in a container with the leaves .

Bok Choy

Since this vegetable resembles celery, it's grown submerged in water, face up. After a week, these bloggers transplanted it because it grows quicker than celery.


As bulb plants, these onions may grow in a cup of water. Cover the bulb bottom. Green shoots sprout back after 10 days.


Burst with Arrow

Carrot Leaves

This grows leafy greens, which some people add to salads. To do this, leave two inches on the end of the veggie and submerge half of it in a shallow saucer.


That's why regrowing it at home by placing stalks in a cup that covers half of it and replacing them once roots emerge is brilliant.


Try this if you like adding a chunk to your morning smoothies. Pick a few rhizomes with buds and place them in soil. After a few months, sprouts will appear.

Sweet potato

Grow sweet potatoes at home by placing the end in a container a couple of inches off the bottom. Bottom roots will sprout soon. 


Despite your desire to chuck these prickly leaves, they're essential to citrus fruit growth. Water the fruit crown.


Grow new potatoes if you missed their expiration date. Like this blogger, you may slice them up and plant them in a double-thick paper bag container garden.