10 Cat-Friendly Car Trip Tips

Expect Potty Mishaps

Even if you give your cat plenty of time to use the toilet and remove their water bowl hours before the journey, they may still pee in the car. 

iPad with Bird Videos

Preoccupied cats ride well in cars. YouTube birds captivate my kitties. My frightened cat's carrier holds an iPad for a four-hour trip.

Anxiety Meds from Your Vet

Anxiety medication may help them cope with the travel to the office and the unpleasant things they'll face once you there. 

Calm Music

If your cat meows in the automobile, don't get mad. Instead, calmly reassure them that things will improve. Play soothing music for you and your cat.

Cat Practice Trips

Most people don't travel with their cats since they don't need to and you shouldn't leave them in a car in bad weather.


Burst with Arrow

Treats and Toys

Hide goodies in their carrier and offer them some before they enter and extra when they leave. 

ThunderShirt the Cat.

ThunderShirts swaddle pets. It gently, continuously presses the torso. On noisy days like storms or the 4th of July, it reduces anxiety.

Comfort them with Scents

Calming sprays help cats relax. Spray the carrier and car with relaxing spray. Cats are pheromone-sensitive. 

Travel Efficiently

Cats like shorter trips. Schedule appointments during low traffic. Skip the coffee shop and mom's visits. 

Start Happy

Play with them, offer them their favorite foods, and take them when they're drowsy. In the automobile, your hyperactive cat may be fussy.