10 Astrology-Related Podcasts

Allegedly Astrology

The Allegedly Astrology podcast explains how Lilith, the "dark moon" that represents the moon's furthest point from the earth, reached the mystical sign of Pisces.

AstroTwins Radio

The AstroTwins, identical twins Ophira and Tali Edut, are perceptive astrologers and enthusiastic Sagittarians. AstroTwins Radio, their astrological show.

Astrology Podcast

The Astrology Podcast is for practical learners who want to learn astrology from the ground up. Astrologer and broadcaster Chris Brennan examines astrological oddities .

Moon Matters Astrology Podcast

These discussions relate astrology to current psychology. This podcast host becomes an educator in Jungian psychology, which ties to astrology and focuses on dreams.

Astrology And You

Astrologers Alice Bell and Maxine Luzia teach synastry, Midhaven, and the terrible Mercury Retrograde in this weekly podcast.


Burst with Arrow

Hermetic Astrology Podcast

The Hermetic Astrology Podcast is an intensive astrology crash course. This top-rated astrology podcast has been a cult favorite for over a decade and has been producing episodes .

Podcast Ghost

Jessica Lanyadoo hosts Ghost of a Podcast, which offers weekly astrological guidance. Lanyadoo advises listeners on anything from taking creative and professional risks.

Aliza Kelly: Astrology

Aliza Kelly, a famous astrologer, offers new perspectives from a variety of astrologers and astro-lovers. In her cosmic podcast Stars Like Us, Kelly teaches astrology.

Eugenia Krok: Easy Astrology

Practical earth signs delight! approachable Astrology with Eugenia Krok is a weekly podcast that makes astrology approachable and analytical.