Zodiac Signs Who Want A Long-Term Relationship

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1. Leo

You feel that you have spent enough time with your romantic partner and that it would be wise to settle down with them permanently.

You do not feel the need to date multiple individuals, nor do you appear to be interested in doing so.

Now that you've gotten everything out of your system, you feel mature and ready for a long-term relationship.

2. Virgo

In reality, you've always desired a long-term relationship, but you were unsure of your ability to handle it.

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You understood that it would need adhering to the numerous criteria that accompany this type of commitment

And in the past, you overestimated your abilities, believing that something of this magnitude would be too difficult for you to handle.

3. Capricorn

If you think about it, the only reason you haven't committed to a long-term relationship is that you've tried it before and failed.

You're unhappy with this informal romantic connection since you desire more of your individual, but the scenario doesn't allow for it.

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