Zodiac Signs Who Need To Be Alone

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You've been down this path before, and you know now that your experience advises, "Go away, Capricorn.

You used to be stubborn, but now you utilise your ego for self-defense.

Capricorn, today will drive you to flee. The forces that be are making everyone in your life upset and feisty.


You will stand by these words and leave any environment where drama and tempers are high.

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you don't want to be contaminated by others' negativity.


Today's behaviour made you want to hide, even if you didn't expect it. Today's society?

Why are they so nasty? No Snickers or anything. Snickers for that rowdy crowd, please.

Pisces, avoid the crime scene. Drama just started. Today, watch TV because the outer world is too chilly and unpleasant for you.

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