Zodiac Signs That Will Never Marry

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Aries enjoy order and structure. They want to set their own rules and ignore others.

They are steadfast in their beliefs. Settling is difficult. Aries are self-centered and untrustworthy.


Geminis are charming and confident communicators. They can have a meaningful conversation.

Gemini likes you till it's enjoyable and exhilarating. They don't need long-term commitment.

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Sagittarians date casually. They never notice life. They're laid-back and accommodating.

 They enjoy socialising but don't want deep relationships. They value freedom and opportunity above commitment.


Aquariuses are the hardest. They can easily form intimate relationships. Besides, it feels amazing! They struggle with long-haul connections.

They might be nice one minute and mean the next. That's why they have problems finding partners who can handle this kind of attitude.

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