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Zodiac Signs That Take Long to Like You


Taurus is slow in everything. Reed says they see no need to haste.

This easygoing mood can be hard to handle if you're ready to put a ring on it. But don't push bulls.


Virgos are cautious with their hearts and take their time expressing their thoughts.

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They're perfectionists and don't want to disclose their feelings to someone who doesn't share them or isn't suited for them.


Saturn controls Capricorns. This makes them formal, guarded, and "stiff" when it comes to love.

Like Virgo, they hesitate to confess because they want to make the right option.

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Scorpio, a fixed water sign, wants loyalty from their spouse. They're also private and won't open up unless they're safe.

They're also testing your commitment since they're B.S. detectors. If you're Team Scorpio, they're yours forever.

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