Zodiac Signs That Break Hearts

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Scorpios are passionate and intense since Mars and Pluto dominate them (the planet of power). 

This is great if you're in a serious relationship, but it can mislead if you're not.


Aquarians, the least romantic sign, value independence over romance. "The prospect of committing to only one person can terrify them.

Aquarius is similarly hampered by Uranus' unpredictability. "They can be faithful and true in a relationship.

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This fire sign is always ready for a new career or exotic journey. Our need for freedom naturally precludes long-term relationships.

Sagittarians enjoy honeymoons, which causes confusion. "But the moment it gets genuine and serious.


Mars—the planet of intensity and drive—rules Aries. They seek "excitement, challenges, and big-time drama.

Aries gets bored in a routine relationship, and the temptation to move on to the next challenge generally leaves someone brokenhearted.


The most romantic zodiac sign finished second. "Pisceans love sincerely, madly and yes, deeply.

A sign this romantic will force you to fall in love with them entirely so that your entire being is absorbed in the relationship.

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