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Zodiac Signs That Always Seek Revenge

Because Venus rules Taurus, those born under this sign are more likely to look for retribution in material possessions.


The Taurus sign is eternally youthful thanks to their vendettas, and they will happily nurse their resentments until the day they die.

For example, Dennis Hopper specifically said in his will that his ex-friend Peter Fonda was not permitted to attend his funeral.

They love deeply and fiercely, and when they're hurt, they'll strike back with unfathomable ferocity.


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This sign of fixed water never forgets anything and rarely forgives.

Scorpio is a secretive sign that knows how to wait for the proper moment to strike.

Capricorn is the most likely of the three signs to take their revenge coldly.


Sea goats use a strategy of scarcity to strike not below the waist but at the wallet.

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