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Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Chase You


Mars rules Aries. As the zodiac's first sign, they prioritize themselves.

Hence, Aries will do anything to acquire what they want.


Geminis are naturally curious and can become obsessed with learning everything about individuals.

They'll ask what you think of the new real crime documentary. If you're their "obsession," they'll text and invite you all day.

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They are amorous yet might lose interest quickly and get bored with you.


Cancer is reticent and takes time to open up. Once they trust and envisage a future with someone, they'll do anything to make them theirs.

The crab symbolizes cancer's huge claw. “Once they have you, they will do anything to keep you. 

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Scorpios "fixate on the object of their desire" and are emotionally invested.

Scorpios are possessive, amorous, and passionate. They'll work hard to win you over after they've noticed you.

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