Zodiac Signs as Elements


 Aries is fire. Aries is fiery, independent, and energetic. They're persistent and never give up. They're quick-witted and innovative.

 Taurus: Earth

 Taurus is earth. Taureans are trustworthy and dependable like earth. They are patient and responsible, typically leading or protecting. 

 Gemini: Air

 Gemini is air. Geminis are curious like air. They are smart, inquisitive, and multifaceted. They can talk their way out of problems. 

 Cancer: Water

 Cancer is water. Cancers are emotional and sensitive water signs. Their intense emotions sometimes overwhelm them, yet their acute intuition

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 Leo: Fire

 Leo is fire. Leos are fiery and magnetic. They command attention and illuminate every environment.

 Virgo: Earth

 Virgo is earth. Virgos are sensible, reliable, and grounded. Kids love facts and timetables. Virgos work hard and prioritize others. 

 Libra: Air

Libra is air. Libras like harmony and balance. They can unite people and are diplomatic. Libras are very charming and make friends easily. 

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 Scorpio: Water

 Scorpio is water. Scorpios' emotional intelligence enables them intuitively comprehend and connect with people.

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