Zodiac Sign With The Greatest Empathy

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They are incapable of avoiding adopting the emotions of others. Usually, they are aware of their loved ones' emotional distress before they express it.

They are so sensitive to the suffering of others that they are willing to make sacrifices in order to help the individual overcome their suffering.


Cancer-born folks are passionate and sensitive to the emotions of others.

Their emotions are fueled by their thinking and affected by the people around them, which is why they are frequently perceived as irritable.

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Scorpions may present a rough exterior, yet they have a compassionate heart that understands and feels the emotional agony of their loved ones.

As a result of feeling overwhelmed by these emotions and fearing that they may even suffer, they take precautions to protect themselves.


This Earth sign is thought to be incredibly logical and rational, however this contradicts their strong instinctual nature. 

This is what causes them to notice seemingly unimportant information that others would overlook.


This is why Libras go the extra mile to envision the perspective of others in order to grasp their perspective.

They would not worry about adapting their viewpoint to those around them. It is merely how they see things from a different perspective.

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