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Zodiac Sign Who Are Single And Happy


Leo understands that they require a great deal of attention — perhaps more than a single mate or spouse can provide.

They are able to appreciate the affectionate attention of a large group of various individuals since they are liberated from responsibilities.

As long as they are honest with their easygoing partners and casual lovers about their lack of commitment to settling down, there is nothing wrong with casually travelling.

In terms of romantic relationships, this earth sign is perpetually in search of a nonexistent ideal companion.


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They have a strong sense of self and are occasionally interested in dating someone who falls short of their unattainable standards.

Virgo realises early on the need of appreciating the single existence.


These water signs are well-known for their limitless intellects and intuitive clairvoyance.

Innovative souls are intensely connected to their inner world and like solitude to the point where it is easy for them to become lost in their own world. 

This does not imply that they dislike blending and integrating, but it does require an extraterrestrial form of connection to attract and retain their attention. 

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