Your Zodiac Sign's BFF Meetup

Aries, the most competitive sign, naturally attracts aggressive individuals. Head-to-head competition, whether on your school team or at a game, gets your blood pounding.

Aries : Sports Event

Creative or fun activities usually bring you together. Even if you're not a gourmet cook, you'll probably meet your new bestie while eating.

Taurus : Cooking Class or Wine Tasting

You love trying new things, especially hands-on ones. In a pottery class or rock-climbing session, you'll meet folks who share your multitasking skills. 

Geminis : Trying Something New

You love buying your favorite comfort foods and drinks. As a creature of habit, you buy your pick-me-ups at the same shops. 

Cancers : At the Coffee Shop

Leo, you love drama and leading characters, but you'd like a pleasant supporting role. In those few moments when the focus is not on you, it should be on a production.

Leos : At A Performance

Book clubs may improve teaching. During your next study group, discussion group, or intellectual gathering, you'll probably make pals. Smartest buddies.

Virgos : In Class Or Book Club

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Your friends constantly invite you to parties and gatherings, even if you don't know anybody else.

Libras : Mutuals

 Though you keep your network of acquaintances limited, you find folks who choose hidden treasures to famous hot locations interesting. 

Scorpio : No-Frills

Sagittarius, you're here for fun, not long. Your middle name is spontaneity, therefore you'll probably meet your future partner while adventuring. 

Sagittarius : Traveling Abroad

Capricorn dreams big. You could become valedictorian or famous in a firm you love. You always want gold, thus you need like-minded people.

Capricorns : Networking Event

Your unique viewpoints and heated takes make for fascinating conversations. There will always be trolls, but those who respect your opinions may become your best friends.

Aquarius : Social Media

Pisces enjoys fluidity. You'll meet people in relaxed social situations. Concerts and music festivals are great places to make new friends if you enjoy the arts.

Pisces : Concert

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