Worst Alcoholic Drink for Weight Loss

Alcohol should be avoided if you're dieting. Beers, wines, cocktails, and more are hard to give up, but they might harm your health.

Alcohol can induce weight gain, insomnia, and skin aging, as well as addiction, liver damage, and cancer.

Kovalenko advises against drinking alcohol. Alcohol abuse can cause liver damage, cancer, and addiction. "Alcohol disrupts brain chemicals, causing mood swings, depression, and anxiety." 

Keatley, who runs a weight loss practice, thinks margaritas are the worst. "Margaritas can be particularly detrimental to weight loss efforts for several reasons."

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Tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and sugar or simple syrup make margaritas. These ingredients make a high-calorie cocktail. 

Sweeteners and mixers add 300+ calories. Margaritas are sugary, especially when made with pre-made mixes (35-50g per 4oz cup).

Like sodas and energy drinks, margaritas are sugary. Excess sugar is converted into fat by your body, causing weight gain and blood sugar rises.

He also claims that huge margarita servings inhibit fat expenditure and cause weight gain. "Margaritas are generally served in large glasses, so you may be ingesting more calories than you realize.

Keatley says a large margarita has as many calories as a lunch. Alcohol reduces fat burning. Your liver processes alcohol before fat and other nutrients.

Margaritas can delay weight reduction for these reasons.

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