Why Your Dog Curls Up Before Sleeping

Dogs are adorable and weird. Each of our animal pals' quirks—like rolling in grass and tilting their heads—make us adore them more

Some pet owners may be surprised to learn that some of their cute quirks are natural to dogs.

Take dogs sleeping in a ball. The ordinary pet owner undoubtedly thinks this is a method to relax before bed. 

Dr. Margaret Gruen, an associate professor of behavioral medicine at NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine, said the habit is also evolutionary.

“When dogs sleep in the wild, especially where it’s cold, they’ll dig a nest and curl up into it,” Gruen told Vetstreet.com in 2012. 

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“This warms them—tucking into a ball conserves body heat. It shields their most sensitive abdominal organs from predators.”

She's suggesting your dog sits like this to avoid organ theft. Your dog thinks that's stupid, but their wild ancestors would do it.

Your dog is constructing a nest to protect itself when they cuddle up. Since sleep is a vulnerable state, even at home, dogs often revert to basic instincts.

Here are a few of the many reasons for your dog's other odd behaviors.

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