Weight Loss Hack from Fitness Expert

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We stress over the scale number. This obsession never brings us satisfaction or the look we want. @nic.is.fit of TikTok gives great advise on how to achieve our goals.

We haven't heard better advise. Life-changing fitness trick. She recommends building muscle instead than losing weight. She says we're after a look, not a number.

It's true! She adds that most of us lack muscle for this look. We can have our dream body in three months if we follow her advice. 

 She advises us to calculate our maintenance calories based on our daily activities, not gym time. She suggests prioritizing protein.

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0.7-1g per pound. Stop overdoing cardio and exercise classes and start building muscle. Rest and healing are essential. 

She says we can finally reach our goals if we do this for three months and focus more on the barbell number than the scale number.

The audience agreed with her advise, with one member saying, “Facts did a slight calorie deficit, stopped CrossFit, started gym lifting, and hitting protein goal and down 25lb.”

We believe. We toned up more than ever after stopping the excess cardio. Midlife women may experience this. Stress doesn’t help us lose weight.

It helps lose weight and prevent osteoporosis. Two good reasons to start lifting. 

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