Wednesday Horoscope for Each Zodiac Sign April 19, 2023

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Workaholics must relax. For a weekend stay after work, stay at a bed and breakfast to enjoy the city's atmosphere.


Turn the tables on the flatmate who put plastic spiders on your bed. Decorate dinner plates with a clean spider stamp and food coloring. Yikes! What's underneath?


You cast spells naturally. Write a note about how he protected you from that terrible spider to charm your partner. Even if they deny it, boost their ego.


In the winter, cozy and toasty is great, but sitting under the roof on a porch swing with your family and watching the rain fall and the lightning split open the sky can be bonding.


Busy, juggling, relax. Repeat. Avoid anything today. Nap on the porch or on your partner's easy chair with them. Wake up to a calmer view.


You're considering buying new clothes for the holidays. If you miss the sale, borrow from a buddy.


You've had enough of grocery store herb prices. Thyme, rosemary, marjoram, bay, and tarragon grow well in indoor pots.


Scraggly plants can make you mistrust your home-maintenance skills. For plenty, wrap hoya or wax plant over a wire hoop. Beautiful green.


Don't worry that only you can kill a pothos plant that's growing so thickly. Avoid repotting future plants in too-large planters. Best is two inches bigger each time.


You realized your pastry brush was nasty when cleaning the big utensil drawer. Squeeze-trigger bottles make light oiling easier.


You may have preventable kitchen accidents. Put a towel under the cutting board to prevent slipping. You're too busy to treat a cut finger or sprained ankle. Avoid injury and enjoy.


Too bad your rage can't be contained like the kettle of boiling water. Whisks control water. Before saying anything you'll regret, consider escaping.


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