Transgender female banned from women’s basketball league

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Lexi Rodgers, a transgender female basketball player in Australia's WNBL1 South, was disqualified this week.

Basketball Australia, the national federation, made the decision. The organization barred Rodgers from playing elite or sub-elite basketball, including for the Kilsyth Cobras.

“Firstly, on behalf of Basketball Australia I’d like to acknowledge and sincerely thank Lexi for her cooperation, understanding and patience throughout this process 

it’s a complex space that continues to evolve,” said director Suzy Batkovic in a Fox News release.

“While Lexi is understandably disappointed with the outcome, I know she’ll continue to support her NBL1 South team throughout the season and be an active basketball community member.

“As we develop the framework for sub-elite and elite competitions, we understand the need for a clear process

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and continual education within all layers of the sport to best support players, coaches, clubs, associations, and the wider basketball community.

“I also want to make it clear because it’s important, that while this particular application was not approved based on criteria for elite (or sub-elite) competition,

Basketball Australia encourages and promotes inclusivity at community level where physical activity, health and wellbeing, and social benefits can outweigh the competitive nature of sport.”

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