Tori Bowie Looked 'Heavily Pregnant'

Two neighbors saw Orange County deputies perform a welfare check at 1 PM on Tuesday and find the Olympic gold medallist dead.

"She was a thin woman and it looked like she had half a basketball under her shirt," one Winter Garden resident told Daily Mail.

After Bowie's family didn't hear from her, deputies visited her home, according to an Orange County Sheriff's Office spokesman.

The home was entered and Frentorish 'Tori' Bowie was found deceased. The spokesperson reported no foul play.

The Medical Examiner's Office will determine death's cause and manner. No further information is available."

Bowie's neighbors reported she had been acting strangely for months, including throwing eggs at the house across the street.

"I came out of my house one time, and she was standing there in the street clutching a knife and shouting at a man," Zehra Ugurlu said.

"A family friend of mine managed to talk to her and calm her down but it was scary, it made my daughters uncomfortable."

"Her life was erratic and unhealthy but I'm very sorry about what happened to her," Ugurlu said. "She was young. Why didn't her friends help?"

Bowie last competed at the 2019 World Championships in Qatar. She won three medals in the 2016 Olympics, including a gold in the 100-meter relay.

Mississippi declared November 25 "Tori Bowie Day" in recognition of her achievements, which she called "special" and "humbling."

Bowie's sister Tamarra wrote a mysterious note about mental health on the day her body was found. Her cause of death is unknown.

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