TikToker found the most disturbing Minnie Mouse

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is likely familiar to you if you have nieces or nephews or have babysat lately.

If not, it's Mickey Mouse's latest incarnation with a catchy theme tune.

Anyway, some individuals (mainly parents) have had to watch this program for hours, and one TikToker noticed that Minnie's ears are very wrong.

TikToker Meghan Davis's initial post went viral as everyone went crazy over her discovery that Minnie's ears revolve around her head.

In the Know said that commentators remarked the "clip should be illegal" and "that is...so much worse than I thought it was going to be.

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" Another added, “I thought you were being dramatic and almost scrolled but...you’re right.”

Meghan later captioned the above TikTok showing Minnie's ears, "The ears just rotate around her head to preserve the Mickey Mouse silhouette."

No more. It's minor. It was amusing.”

Bye, this will bother me all day!

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