This Workout Will Build Your Chest and Back.

Any weightlifter knows how to do an upper-body exercise and has experienced its advantages. Muscle mass, mobility, and grocery bags are the goals.

Push/pull workouts, which target the muscles used when you push (chest, shoulders, and triceps) and pull (back and biceps), are popular upper body workouts.

 This push exercise and this pull workout focus on each movement pattern, but Cameron Ahouse's upper-body strengthening program below combines both.

A Smith machine, weight bench, and dumbbells are needed. Choose a weight that challenges you without compromising your technique or ability to complete the workout.

Before starting this workout, see Ahouse's form and consult our exercise manuals or your gym's PTs.

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Poor technique may strain and injure muscles and reduce the muscle-building advantages of your workouts.

Ahouse's video doesn't contain a warm-up, but you shouldn't start a hard weights exercise cold. Remember this gym warm-up if you don't have one.

Dumbbell incline bench press
One-arm row
Feet-elevated pull-up

Hammer press
Lateral raise
Dumbbell shrug

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