This carb is best for belly fat loss.

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Carbs have been the weight loss "enemy" for decades. Carbohydrates are necessary for our bodies, but eating sweets and bagels won't help you lose weight. They may even reduce abdominal fat.

Belly fat isn't merely bothersome. Cardiovascular, metabolic, and Type 2 diabetes are associated to belly fat.  We asked trained dietitians if carbohydrates help lose belly fat, and many said yes. 

Oatmeal, a carbohydrate, can help you lose belly fat, so consume more of it for breakfast. "Oatmeal has so much fiber that it helps keep us full,

Best Carb For Belly Fat Loss

which prevents us from overeating," explains Vanessa Dyer, RDN. "Fiber slows carb digestion to prevent blood sugar spikes."

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Dyer also recommended fruit and quinoa for daily carbohydrates to decrease abdominal fat. Fruit has natural sugar, but its fiber and vitamins compensate. 

Quinoa is a complete protein, says HealthInsider certified nutritionist Edibel Quintero. "Quinoa's high protein content keeps you fuller for longer and curbs hunger, helping you lose belly fat,".

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