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These Zodiac Signs Are The Most Defensive


Taureans' second house of possessions makes them possessive and ready to defend their belongings.

Taurus struggles with change the most. When confronted, they can become defensive.


Cancers' defenses aren't always visible, which makes their reactions hurt more, especially when it comes to their families.

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Cancers are passive-aggressive because they approach conflict like crabs.


Scorpios will fight for their feelings with their venomous stingers.

Scorpios are passive-aggressive. They are defensive because they dislike change and dislike being disrespected.

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Aquarius is one of the most defensive zodiac signs due to their insatiable drive for independence or their robust fixed sign.

Aquarius is the most defensive zodiac sign regarding intellectual power.

They take their leadership seriously with Uranus and Saturn as co-rulers.”

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